ACA Reporting, in a whole new Light

4myBenefits has incorporated user feedback gathered across many years of ACA reporting to design our simplest, most powerful ACA System yet.

Everything feels... Faster

4myBenefits' ACA System is optimized for performance each year, resulting in faster browsing, determinations and calculations. With these improvements we've also been able to deliver more accurate results, requiring less manual work, in a shorter amount of time. Faster... and more accurate.

Parting ways with Complexity

ACA Reporting is not an easy task: varied data sources representing a variety of human activities are compiled to produce a document consisting of twenty, occasionally-similar codes which must faithfully represent an employer's offer and employee's acceptance of Health Insurance coverage. Each year we've worked to simplify the process, and after many years of ACA reporting, we have improved the best features of previous systems, so you can say Goodbye to Complexity.